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February 28
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TH: Kisaragi Takahiro by alicec2246 TH: Kisaragi Takahiro by alicec2246

For the really pretty group :icontachikawa-high: Edit: I've been accepted! Thank you so much! //sob :iconuhuhuhuplz:


Name: Kisaragi Takahiro

Nickname: Taka

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Love is love 'v'

Age: 16 years old

Grade: 1st year

Dormitory: Tamagawa

Club: Swimming



-Making friends, though he gets along the best with children and animals :iconpapmingplz:

-Swimming and singing


-Playing/goofing around


-Math >.<

-Horror or gory (he screams OTL) :iconheplz:

-Hunger asdfghjkl

-Being controlled/ possessive people


-Can come off as emotionless at times, but actually very insecure with himself :iconduckyrunplz:

-However, most of the time is very active and outgoing, loves talking to people

-Is curious and loves solving mysteries with a burning passion OTL

-Has mood swings depending on his hunger level :iconpapmingplz:


His family lived in the countryside, but did everything in order to enroll him into a normal school in town.Taka was the shortest boy in his class and was constantly made fun of for looking like a girl. ;u; He lost a bit of his self-confidence, but tried his best to ignore them and smile a lot, making new friends along the way. His parents were constantly busy, so his older sister constantly watched over him. His parents both got jobs in the music industry (as a producer and an agent) and had to travel a lot. They were never really home, so they taught him how to do things by himself at a young age. In elementary school, Taka was quite popular due to his outgoing nature and his family's position. Both of his parents decided to try and get him involved in the music industry and paid people to give him vocal lessons. He is highly insecure of his family and mental confidence, because he fears that his life style would make it harder for him to talk to others and make them judge him.
In his final year, his parents dropped a huge bomb on him: due to the fact that their jobs required a lot of their time, they were going to send him to his grandparents' home. They felt that it would be best for him to live with them in order for him to experience what he had always lacked: family. Taka found out that living with his grandparents was actually a good thing because they actually cared about him and treated him well. He was quite involved in school and even became the vice president of the student council. However, he realized that although he liked singing, he didn't like the way his parents were forcing him to try and be the best. He decided to quit competitive singing, much to his parents' disappointment. His sister decided to get married and invited him to her private wedding. She told him to live life the way he wanted, not the way their parents wanted. He took her advice seriously and signed up for swimming, which was something his grandfather inspired him to do.
His parents bought him an apartment if he wanted to live alone, as yet another apology for his childhood, but he declined and returned it. Taka worked part-time jobs in order to save up money, hoping to become more independent. Using the money saved up from his competitive singing days and part-time jobs, he decided to attend Tachikawa High instead of the one his parents would've liked, in order to have a clean/fresh start and to make his own path.
Still, he wishes to fix the relationship between him and his parents. He hates how they think money is the most important. Also, instead of apologizing and spending time with him, they decide to send him stuff. He despises this a lot and hopes to change it soon.

Additional Info:

-He's trying hard to be more manly and reliable... :iconuhuhuhuplz:

-Loves going into water, so he might be found with wet hair and all despite the weather //slapped

-Sometimes gets really shy. He has a pair of fake glasses he sometimes wears to hide his eyes when he feels shy (idk why)

-His voice sounds like this:


"I'm so hungryyyyyy...."

"Look! What's that?" *sparkles*

"Can we be friends?" ouo


I shall edit this one day //shot

I can rp most efficiently through comments or notes, possibly through Google Docs as well. I will probably pop up in chatrooms from time to time. ;v; Thank you~
I'm always free to rp, so feel free to ask! ovo
Edit: I now have a Skype account~ If you would like to rp through there, please tell me! I'm still new to it but I'll try hard. :iconlazepoolplz:

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H2Otheory Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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